Sunday, November 05, 2006

i realised.

i had this blog for i long time, but i had totall forgotten all about it. i gues i shall write everything i am not happy here. No racism for sure, i am a law abiding citizen. ha ha. no one knows about this blog, except for me. i am not going to use any short forms to improve my poor english.

well i am a secondary one student now, time flies. its the end of the year anyway, so there isn't any point telling you that i'm a secondary one student. i mught as well say im going to be secondary two next year.

someone just threatened me about going offline in windows messenger. how seriously dumb can the treat be? he said" if you are not online in the afternoon, you suck big time." oh please, i seriously don't care! ha ha.

i do not really have anything to complain about actually. i'm a very happy person. i give the impression to you i suck, right? ha ha. there are many stuff a lot of people do not know about me. i have another blog. where i will update very often, at least more often then this blog. thee is a chance of me forgetiing about this blog. ha ha. so don't put too much hope in this blog.

i haven't told my best friend who i'm crushing now. ha ha. do not plan to tell.

well that is all, i guess. BYE.